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GM Copper Alloys

Accompanied by our versatile casting, forging, machining operations, heat treating and efficient lean manufacturing processes, we are a complete facility that caters to a world of manufacturing industries... We are one of the few low copper forging companies in Turkey offering a totally integrated shop within our facility.


GM Copper Alloys export is worth more than 70% of the overall yearly production and the main regions served, either by means of direct channels or by business partners, are the following: EU, UK, North America, South America, Australia, Russia.


GM Copper Alloys offers our customers a range of value-added services. We are able to provide customer requirements when cutting large production runs, as well as expedite non-standard sized materials due to our unique capabilities.

GM Copper Alloys creates custom precision seam welding discs, spot welding electrodes, wire welding electrodes, butt welding electrodes, die casting pistons/plungers (cold chamber), bearings & amp; bushings, flanges, double flange bearings, full half bearings, shafts, moulds and special machined parts that can be shipped on a global basis and in full accordance with most international standards.

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