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A Wide Range

GM Copper Alloys creates custom precision seam welding discs, spot welding electrodes, wire welding electrodes, butt welding electrodes, die casting pistons/plungers (cold chamber), bearings & amp; bushings, flanges, double flange bearings, full half bearings, shafts, moulds and special machined parts that can be shipped on a global basis and in full accordance with most international standards.

Special Alloys Components

GM Copper Alloys produces semi-finished and finished products. All products forged according to exacting specifications.

We also provide semi-finished products which can be cut according to the required sizes for fast delivery in various alloys and sizes.

  • Flat Bars

  • Round Bars 

  • Square Bars

  • Plates

  • Blocks

  • Discs and Rings

  • Special Shapes

Processing Sizes in Metric​


Round Bars, Rings, Discs, Wheels: 

dia 40 to 460 mm.

Square Bars:

25×25 to 150×150 mm.


Flat Bars: 

10×30 to 150×400 mm.


Plate (Edge Thickness): 

> 10 mm.


Max Length Per Item: 

1000 mm.


Max Processing Weight Per Item: 

160 kg