GM Copper Alloys offers our customers a range of value-added services. We are able to provide customer requirements when cutting large production runs, as well as expedite non-standard sized materials due to our unique capabilities.


GM Quality Assurance Department has the equipment and processes to guarantee the quality of the products we manufacture. Each order undergoes stringent quality assurance processes to assure accuracy and precision to the client's specifications. This process begins with our highly trained and experience Quality Engineering Department who utilize our core tools continues through in-process inspections, and ends with a final inspection.


We look forward to receiving your valued inquires, and working with you to contribute to the continued success of your business.

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Chemical Tests

In GM Copper Alloys Laboratories, all products are being held on chemical analysis tests with Oxford Instruments brand Optical Emission Spektrometer (OES) and delivered according to international standards.


Mechanical Tests

Our products are being held on hardness and electrical conductivity tests with bench-type hardness measurements and mobile conductivity testers according to DIN 3.1.B STANDARDS.


US Tests

We deliver our products US Tested (with 1-2-3 level ultrasonic report) by third-party independent laboratories in case of customers’ request.


GM Copper Alloys is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and is the leading producer of high copper alloys and aluminum bronzes. We are now also offering our complete range of high copper alloys and aluminum bronzes in precision machined or milled parts, in full accordance with your drawings. GM Copper Alloys creates custom precision seam welding discs, mesh welding electrodes, die casting pistons/plungers (cold chamber), bearings & bushings, flanges, double flange bearings, full half bearings, shafts, moulds and special machined parts that can be shipped on a global basis and in full accordance with most international standards. We produce machined parts for the following industries; automotive, heating, aerospace, transportation and railways, construction, automotive, sanitary, electronics, fluid controls.